Electrical Engineering

EE 101: Introduction to Circuits
EE 102: Introductory Signals and Systems
EE 103: Digital Signal Processing
EE 111: Electronics I
EE 112: Electronics II
EE 113: Electronic Circuits
EE 121: Digital Design Laboratory
EE 122: Analog Laboratory
EE 133: Analog Communications Design Laboratory
EE 141: Engineering Electromagnetics
EE 182: Computer Organization
EE 284: Introduction to Computer Networks
EE 212: Integrated Circuit Fabrication Processes
EE 216: Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices
EE 316: Advanced VLSI Devices
EE 311: Advanced Integrated Circuit Fabrication Processes
EE 410: Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory
EE 222: Applied Quantum Mechanics I
EE 228: Basic Physics for Solid State Electronics
EE 271: Introduction to VLSI Systems
EE 313: Digital MOS Integrated Circuits
EE 214: Analog Integrated Circuit Design
EE 314: RF Integrated Circuit Design
EE 261: Fourier Transforms
EE 278: Statistical Signal Processing
EE 106: Planetary Explorations
EE 203: Entrepreneurial Engineer (Seminar)
EE 201A: Seminar
EE 201B: Seminar
EE 310: Integrated Circuits Technology and Design Seminar
EE 191: Special Studies and Reports (for Sophomore College)
EE 191/391: Special Studies and Reports

Technical Classes

MATH 51: Multivariable Calculus
MATH 52: Integral Calculus
MATH 53: ODE with Linear Algebra
STATS 116: Theory of Probability
STATS 190: Introduction to Statistics
ENGR 40: Introductory Electronics
ENGR 60: Engineering Economy
ENGR 14: Statics and Deformations
ENGR 50: Introductory Science of Materials
CS 106A: Programming Methodology
CS 106B: Programming Abstractions
CS 107: Programming Paradigms
CS 193I: Internet Technologies
MATSCI 316: Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology
MATSCI 343: Organic Semiconductors for Electronics and Photonics
MATSCI 322: Transmission Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Fuzzy Classes

PHIL 5A, 5B, 5C: Culture, Ideas, Values
WCT 1C, 2C: Writing and Critical Thinking
STS 101: Science, Technology and Contemporary Society
ECON 1: Elementary Economics
ENGR 102E: Technical/ Professional Writing for EE
ENGR 103: Public Speaking
CHINGEN 132: Chinese Fiction and Drama in Translation
HUMBIO 11: Sleep & Dreams
POLISCI 60: American Dream
MS&E 141: Financial Literacy
SPANLANG 1, 2, 3: First-Year Spanish


DANCE 46: Social Dances of North America 1
DANCE 146: Social Dances of North America 2
DANCE 156: Social Dances of North America 3
DANCE 133: History of Waltz
DANCE 147: Living Traditions of Swing
DANCE 166: History of Social Dance in Western Culture
ATHLETIC 132: Swimming, Advanced Beginning
ATHLETIC 133: Swimming, Intermediate
ATHLETIC 134: Swimming, Advanced
ATHLETIC 148: Tennis, Beginning
ATHLETIC 176: Weight Training for Women
ATHLETIC 88: Pilates Mat

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